New year come up with the new blog

Long time no writing the blog since I have nothing interesting to share with you guys. Moreover, my days have been spent with other social networks that keep me updating what are going on in my life all the time -_-

Since myspace’s going away and I wanna reset something that inspire me write the blog…Creating the new blog is the answer….This blog is served my purpose to document major events in my life. Wanna get the feeling when i back to read them again...Keep following me :)

Wrap up for last bits of 2010. Here are all major events in the past year : 

New year dining with relatives...We do it every year

Me and n'tea
Aqauriam at Chantaburi
Me and my lil boy
Silver lake
Have a good time with fam :)
Sigha Carnival
He was really enjoying theme park
My first time visiting Ampawa
He's my guide
Happy together
Visiting mookie's hometown
wanna go back again
Huahin revisit
Escape from the red shirt chaos in BKK
CFA II exam

Bowjung's graduation day
Back to work after 9 mths spending as free rider
Nishaville resort
So chill here
Mookies BD celebration
Get together for BD gal in Aug
KGI outing trip
My team
I made BD cake for him :)
P'bank's wedding

Wedding party is so chic and warm...luv it
Singapore trip
Better together:)
Bangkok music fest
2nd year i joined this event
X'mas time

I'm okay for overall that I can get back on track and completely move on from the past that struck for long. These teach me that nothing is too late to start. Just follow my heart and do my best in your duties. No matter what the result will be, I won’t regret with them.

And of course, it’s a good time to set the New Year resolutions.

  1. Be the better daughter
  2. Be the better friend
  3. Lower expectation in all kinds of aspect
  4. Be more independent…Less depend on others’ feeling
  5. Spend less and save more...Wish this year I won’t buy handbags like crazy as happened in the last year
  6. Improve my time management skill in order to balance work and life.
  7. Make my dream trip come true.
  8. Enjoy (single and fabulous) life :D

We cannot take all the past memory back in time. But we'll make it new and ever better…Hope it’s not too late to say HAPPY NEW YEAR (again), have a blast 2011 :)